So that gears mesh neatly

A factory resembles the complex movement of an astronomical clock. Every gear has to turn in exactly the right place in the right rhythm. We are the experts when it comes to planning logistics and processes in production in such a way that the factory runs like Swiss clockwork – and does so as cost-effectively as possible.

In doing so, we can optimize sub-areas, but also develop complex logistics systems, supply chain management or internal processes from scratch. In process planning, we systematically determine the chronological and local sequence of all necessary actions, including all machining and processing operations, assemblies, but also the associated transport and storage processes. To ensure that the smallest detail is not overlooked, process professionals like our experts at SWJ are needed. So that all paths lead directly to the destination without detours or obstacles – at the right pace.

In the area of manufacturing, machinery and equipment engineering, we are familiar with the procurement of all tools and machines required for the manufacturing process. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple screwdriver, the pre-assembly area, the complex robot cell, conveyor technology or even the entire hall equipment. We take over the entire planning responsibility – from concept development and support to the plant supplier throughout the entire development and construction phase to implementation and commissioning at the place of use. In doing so, we attach great importance to the fact that technology fits the product and process. The goal is always the optimum of the entire system – cost-effective and high-quality.