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Project management

Achieving goals through perfect coordination

Project management is about achieving strategically important goals while coordinating all aspects of a project. In the manufacturing industry, where the focus is on manufacturing products, the challenges are particularly diverse. From the development of new production facilities to the implementation of efficient processes and the on-time delivery of products, we are faced with major economic contexts.

Our project management team attaches particular importance to a holistic approach. We work closely with various departments such as engineering, production, logistics and quality assurance to ensure that all steps of the project run smoothly. We have a holistic view of the project and take into account both technical and economic aspects.

The benefits for our customers lie in several areas. First, effective project management allows us to optimize costs and increase profitability. Through careful planning and monitoring of resources, we ensure that the project stays within budget and efficiency is maximized. Secondly, we attach great importance to adherence to schedules. Our customers can rest assured that their projects will be completed on time, resulting in faster time-to-market and competitive advantage.

Another important aspect is quality assurance. Through effective project management, we ensure that all processes and products meet the highest quality standards. This creates trust among customers and contributes to long-term customer loyalty.

Project management in the manufacturing industry is a challenging and fascinating field of work. Our goal is to successfully complete complex projects, optimize costs, meet deadlines and ensure quality. We are proud to accompany our customers on this journey and help them achieve their goals.


Excellent expertise and tailor-made solutions

The field of “Consulting in Production Planning” deals with the support of companies in optimizing their production processes. Our team mainly focuses on the following services:

  • Development and implementation of lean business processes: We support companies in the development and implementation of lean business processes, based on the principles of lean management. In doing so, we identify waste, optimize processes and promote continuous improvement to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • (Interim) Management: In times of personnel shortages or special challenges, we offer support as (interim) managers. We bring our expertise and experience to optimize production planning, control processes and ensure that production runs smoothly.

  • Concept development: We develop tailor-made concepts for production planning that are tailored to the specific requirements and goals of our customers. Through a comprehensive analysis of existing processes and resources, we identify optimization potential and develop solutions to increase efficiency.

  • Concept conversion: We support companies in the conversion of existing production concepts to new requirements or changes in the market environment. We develop concepts for the adaptation of production lines, the use of new technologies or the integration of new products into manufacturing.

  • Production control: We help companies to effectively control their production. By implementing suitable control mechanisms, such as the definition of key figures, the establishment of monitoring systems and the development of clear processes for production planning and control, we support companies in achieving their production goals efficiently.

  • Agile workshops (sprints): We rely on agile methods such as Scrum to continuously improve production processes. By conducting agile workshops and sprints, we promote team collaboration, enable faster decision-making and facilitate the continuous optimization of production processes.

  • Proof of Concept (PoC): When introducing new technologies or processes, we support companies in conducting proof-of-concept tests. This makes it possible to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of a new solution in a real or simulated environment before a comprehensive implementation takes place. We analyze the results, make recommendations and support the implementation of the concept.

  • Benchmarking: By comparing with other companies or industries, we help companies compare their production processes with the best in the industry and identify best practices. Through benchmarking analyses, we support companies in identifying weaknesses, uncovering efficiency potentials and continuously improving the performance of their production processes.

Through our expertise in consulting in production planning, we help companies to optimize their production processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. With the development and introduction of lean business processes, (interim) management, concept development and concept conversion, we create a solid foundation for efficient production and support companies in strengthening their competitiveness and achieving sustainable success.

Project management

Seamless coordination and successful implementation

The field of “Project Management in Production Planning” includes the coordination and control of projects for the planning and implementation of production processes. Our team mainly focuses on the following services:

  • Project management: We take over the comprehensive control and coordination of projects in production planning. In doing so, we ensure that all project phases and activities are carried out in accordance with the defined goals and objectives. We use effective project management methods to plan, organize and monitor the project flow.
  • Planning, controlling, presentation: We develop detailed project plans that contain all the necessary steps and milestones. Through regular controlling, we monitor the progress of the project, ensure that schedules are adhered to and intervene in the event of deviations. We also create presentations to communicate the project status and key deliverables.
  • Follow-up, approvals: We track the implementation of the planned measures and activities and check their results. Through systematic follow-up, we ensure that all necessary approvals and approvals are obtained in a timely manner so as not to delay the course of the project.

  • Implementation drivers: We identify and prioritize implementation drivers that are critical to the success of the project. These can be technological, organizational or process-related. Through targeted measures and support, we ensure that these drivers are implemented effectively and that the project goal is achieved.

  • Documentation, reports: We create comprehensive project documentation and reports to record progress, results and important decisions. This documentation serves as a basis for follow-up, knowledge transfer and future project work.

  • Project controlling: We monitor and control project budgets, resources and deadlines. Through effective project controlling, we ensure that the project remains within the specified goals and specifications and support the identification of risks and measures to minimize risks.

  • Interim project management: In times of personnel bottlenecks or special requirements, we provide support as interim project managers. We temporarily take over the project management, ensure a smooth project flow and ensure continuity in project work.

  • Project Manager Support: We provide comprehensive support for project managers, whether it’s creating project plans, communicating with stakeholders, conducting meetings, or making decisions. Through our experience and expertise, we relieve project managers and enable them to concentrate on their core tasks.

Through our expertise in project management in production planning, we support companies in implementing their projects efficiently and successfully. With comprehensive project management, detailed planning, effective controlling, presentations, tracking of approvals and a focus on implementation drivers, we ensure smooth project execution and the achievement of the set goals.