Sharing Success with Others

Anyone who manages a company takes responsibility – not only for employees and customers, but also for society.

That’s why SWJ is involved as a sponsor and assumes social responsibility by supporting non-profit associations and institutions.

  • Kinderhospiz Löwenherz

  • Engineers Without Borders

  • Darmstädter Tafel

  • Aktion Mensch

Kinderhospiz Löwenherz

The “Löwenherz Children’s Hospice” in Syke near Bremen takes in children with fatal diseases for whom a cure is impossible according to the current state of medicine. It has places for the sick children as well as eight rooms for parents and siblings. Up to 150 families can be guests here every year. The outpatient “Children’s Hospice Service Löwenherz Bremen and Umzu” supports and accompanies seriously ill children and their families.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit aid organization that deals with the solution of engineering tasks in developing countries. It consists of active engineers from a wide range of fields as well as architects and engineering students, as well as supporters and sponsors from all professions. Engineers Without Borders helps other aid organisations and those in need with engineering-specific issues through knowledge transfer services and are also involved in the implementation of their projects on site. Engineers Without Borders is a member of the Engineers without Borders International network. We at SWJ can make a special contribution here – not only through money, but also by providing manpower and know-how. We have already been involved in the following projects:

  • Buying solar mirrors for cooking for Tanzania

  • Well drilling

  • Disaster houses for the 3rd world

Darmstädter Tafel

In Germany, there is an abundance of food, and yet not all people have their daily bread. The Darmstädter Tafel (like many other food banks in Germany) tries to find a balance. It collects “surplus” but high-quality food and passes it on free of charge to those in need. The food bank works with volunteers and is supported by the social administration and the employment agency of the city of Darmstadt. Sponsors support the food bank with donations of food, money and goods. The food bank is independent and not tied to parties or religious institutions. It helps all people who need help. The food bank does not attach any conditions to this aid.

Aktion Mensch

Aktion Mensch has been one of the most successful organisations in the social sector since it was founded in 1964 as Aktion Sorgenkind. It has set itself the task of sustainably improving the living conditions of people with disabilities, children and young people and people who are socially disadvantaged. The promotion of concrete projects and information and education are intended to support the development of common social perspectives and concepts for the future. The material basis of this work is provided by the participation of millions of people in the Aktion Mensch lottery. This sees itself as an attractive alternative to other lotteries, and offers the certainty that the money generated will be invested in the sense of a solidarity society.