Bringing out the best

A company is only as good as its employees – the phrase sounds a little worn, but it’s still true. But even with good employees, their full potential must be awakened, promoted and trained. We at SWJ are the experts in that field.

Whether it’s technical training, qualification of roles or work content – we teach the necessary knowledge and skills. Personal training on site, using the SWJ Academy or digitally, always in the way that is most efficient and beneficial for you, our customers.

More information can also be found on the website of our SWJ Akademie. If you can’t find an offer for your task right away – just contact us!

These are our main focuses:

Adoption of standard processes

  • Technical Hotline

  • Complaints management

  • Technical Customer Support

Training & Qualification

  • Personal training on-site, at the SWJ Academy or digitally

  • Qualification of roles and work content

  • Technical Trainings

  • Consultancy services

Working time models and role structures

  • HR development planning

  • Evaluation, Status, Concept

  • Benchmark & Recommendation

  • Employee Qualification